Untie a Knot is the beginning of a series that focuses on issues in America. For this essay, the topic was fear.

The full essay is available below, after the first three images which show the book in its physical form.

If the text size is too small, please download this 10 mb PDF. I apologize in advance for the issues with the drop shadows in the file. InDesign doesn't render PDFs with drop shadows well for screen viewing. Though, the issue doesn't apply when printed.

The first edition is sold out. At the moment, there are no plans to self-produce another. If you are a publisher and interested in book, please contact me at moss [at] greyrainbow [dot] com. It is currently available for purchase, in perfect-bound, black & white form, at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, and through me at moss [at] greyrainbow [dot] com. It is currently sold out.