Two sentence summary:
I expanded the covers of Dot Dot Dot to include an extra dot, drawn or written. It is intended to be a visual love song to a publication that has really captivated me.


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Text written to accompany the work:

¹Recently, I’ve been poring over the back-issues of the journal Dot Dot Dot—which produced its final issue in October 2010 and subsequently announced that it was “dead” in Graphic Magazine, Issue #17 Spring 2011.

Though Stuart Bailey said their intention to produce another journal afforded them new opportunities, to me it meant one thing: the death of the idea that comprised Dot Dot Dot.

The thought that each word read in any given issue is leading me to the end of the series as a whole is something I can not ignore. Attempting to cherish every word could easily be overridden by the looming end, but the steadfast quality of Dot Dot Dot makes the dissolution easier.

To serve as a personal extension, I decided to take the repition of the journal’s title and expand it as a visual alliteration—by giving every cover another dot, drawn or written. While some covers afforded me greater opportunities to play, in the end they all serve the same purpose: they are a visual love song to Dot Dot Dot.

1. This whole text would have been set in Mitim if I would have had the funds to purchase it. Though, that would not matter because Mitim is not available for public license. Instead, the text is written in [the zine with] HandHolder, a font I produced in the Spring of 2011."


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Thank you Stuart Bailey, David Reinfurt, and Peter Bil'ak.


Average: 37mm x 61mm (Est.)

Original publication:
No Kings Zine 04, 2012